About Us

Avlon International is renowned and has a history of associating "a women's beauty". Our company deals with cosmetic products. Women feel confident, sensual and warm by applying Avlon International products. Our product quality speaks itself, since women consumers are increasing manifold across the country. Surprisingly Avlon International Product, Giving a thrust and vision to the company has gone exceptionally high. Owner Mr Sunil Thukral has inherited the experience & expertise from his revered father Shri Madan Lal Thukral, Shri Sunil Thukral devoted his life to uplifting the image of Indian women. By giving them cutting-edge concepts and products to "enhance their face value and their beauty". The company was established in 2005 by Mr Sunil Thukad. The R&D cell at the core of the company is to add quality and value of delightful broom to the face of the lady. The products offered by Avalon International have garnered a major share nationally. Number and Consumers of Stockists, Dealers and Consumers. Growing beyond belief. The exponential growth is quite an encouraging and compelling 'input' for the company to look at par internationally. 
Avlon International's exponential sales growth speaks to the products' winning edge in terms of acceptance by consumers. All products are skin friendly. A Shot In The Hand Of The Company's R&D Cell "Live Life, Be Fragrant And Glide Above The Crowd" The company's motto for its ethnic consumers. Management- R&D, Sales Staff, Making Efforts Together With Marketing Association Nutritious nutrition to its valued consumers. content of all'
The products are formulated according to the skin type, bringing a "smile" to every face of women. The company is a manufacturer and marketer of all cosmetic products. The products are sweet-scented, giving an incredibly perfect look to a woman. We have a plethora of unique and unique varieties with incredible colors. Sweep with dream, glide effortlessly with impact-and effect
Man always Adore a beautiful woman.
Hence, Avlon International has put forward women to enhance the beauty of women.
"Join Us Once You Will Be With Us Forever"